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Continue to find your issue of The Commonwealth waiting to be read in your mailbox, to receive member pricing to events (including some for free), and to receive exclusive access to Members-Only Events by renewing now. 

Start your renewal by creating your My Club Account. Most longtime members will need to create a my Club Account;  continue reading to learn more. 


Do I need to Create a My Club Account? 

My Club Account is a brand new feature we started offering in April 2011.  Many new and long time members of the Club will need to create their own My Club Account.  Creating a My Club Account does not duplicate your ticketing account with The Club.  When you create a My Club Account, we link the account you create to your existing ticketing account.   

With My Club Account you can:

  • Signup for and manage your email newsletter subscriptions
  • Renew your membership
  • Monitor your membership status
  • Update your profile and contact information
  • Make donations
  • View your giving history
  • Expedite future transactions!

Keep in mind, event tickets are handled in a separate system, so you'll always keep that separate Ticketing Account to login when you need to purchase tickets for events.  If you've been around The Club for a while and had an account prior to April 2011, that original account you had is your Ticketing Account, so it's still pertinent.  My Club Account is a separate, new account in order to provide these new features. 

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If you have created a My Club Account after March 2011, login below. Most members have a Ticketing Account and not the new My Club Account.  

Ticketing Account holders should use the link below to start their application to Join or Renew by creating a My Club Account.

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    Membership Rates 

             One Year          
  Two Years (Save 10%) 
  Three Years (Save 15%) 
 Individual  $110  $200  $285
 Joint (2 people)
 $155  $280  $400
 Senior (65+)
 $90  $165  $230
 Inforum (<35)
 $135  $195
 National◊  $60  $109  $154
 Student  $45  --  --
 Leadership Circle
 $500 --

All membership types beside Joint and Leadership Circle are individual memberships and allow the member to purchase one ticket to each event at member rate. Joint and Leadership Circle membership types both come with two member priced tickets to events. 
◊National Membership is an individual membership (with the same benefits) for those living outside the 9 Bay Area counties (Alameda, Contra Costa, Marin, Napa, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Solano and Sonoma Counties) and is popular with our online and radio listeners.